Don’t have a handle on your marketing?

You’re not alone.
According to research* 80% of CEOs
do not trust marketing
The problem

It's very common for companies to feel uneasy about their marketing. In fact, research indicates that 4 out of 5 business leaders are mistrustful of their company’s marketing efforts. Frustrated by obscure or irrelevant statistics, companies can't get to the answers that they want.

The solution

Why? Marketing provide an independent, forensic analysis of your current marketing. We answer the fundamental questions about current performance. We recommend improvements and new ways of working. Above all, we realign marketing teams with broader business objectives.

*Fournaise Group: 2012


Why marketing at all? By consulting with key personnel and analysing sales figures, we help your company establish the marketing strategies best suited to its business vision. This often reveals fault lines between the commercial needs of the business and its current marketing approach.


Why not work differently? Our detailed audit of company marketing will show what’s really adding value and what isn’t. We identify where budget savings can be made, without impacting sales or growth. We help your team become more innovative, focused and commercially connected.


Why this technology (and not that)? Marketing teams are swamped with technology, and often struggle to use it effectively. We support your company's team in choosing and using the most efficient platforms.

Interim Support

Why feel left in the lurch? We offer an effective interim marketing service to see companies through periods of transition or expansion. While you’re organising appointments, our interim support provides continuity and reduces disruption.

Ready to learn more?

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