Alan Edwards, director of Why? Marketing
Alan Edwards, founder of Why? Marketing

We began with a question: why does so much marketing operate on faith?

Our 30 years’ experience in corporate marketing had shown us the growing disconnect between marketing teams and revenue growth. We know companies at all levels waste money on ineffective, inefficient marketing.

We’ve seen struggling companies determined to maintain the marketing budget – yet with little idea of how it’s being spent. We’ve worked with CEOs, frustrated because they don’t really have a handle on whether their marketing is working.

But we’ve also seen the other side of the table. Having led marketing teams of our own, we know about their needs and motivations, and the pressures and constraints they face.

Why? Marketing was born out of the belief that there’s a healthier way of working. It starts with the basic questions business leaders need to ask. This ethos is reflected in our name: why marketing at all? In other words, what is marketing really adding to your business? And how is marketing contributing to growth?

As a consultancy, our approach is to realign your marketing with revenue growth. We forensically examine the evidence underlying your current practice and ask, ‘how can it work better?’ We look to make your marketing budget more effective, and your marketing more accountable.

When a company calls us in, we’re not about finger-pointing or naming and shaming. We work forensically, examining evidence, and we make our recommendations based on data. To get the full picture, we work collaboratively with individuals, teams and organisations, understanding, advising and providing direction.

In business, the fundamental questions can get overlooked. We help you and your marketing team answer them together, for a healthier and more profitable future.

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