Why good things happen when marketing leads the way

Marketing teams have the potential to lead their company into spectacular growth. But first they need to be in the driving seat. Despite our denials, readers of our blog may conclude we have it in for marketing teams. After all, we suggested that marketing teams are often marginally effective. We’ve also argued that teams treat… read more

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Why a 50 percent marketing budget cut might help your business

Whisper it softly: many marketing teams could manage on a lot less. Could a 50% reduction in your marketing budget actually benefit your business? Reading our recent blog posts, one could easily get the impression that we don’t think very highly of marketing teams. Last time, we suggested that marketers tend to see budgets as… read more

Why are marketing budgets treated like spending targets?

Many marketing leaders approach their budget like a target – their priority is to immediately allocate the entire budget for spending. This commercially disconnected way of thinking benefits no-one. We think that there’s a healthier way. At this time of year, many marketing leaders are in the process of allocating their annual budget. A substantial… read more

Is technology tying B2B marketers in knots?

Technology isn’t liberating many B2B marketers. Instead, it’s tying them in knots. In our very first blog post, we look at why B2B marketing teams are struggling with inappropriate tech platforms. B2B marketers are worried. Everywhere they look, they’re reminded of how the marketing landscape is shifting. Digital marketing, mobile technology, social media  – the… read more

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