Asking the basic questions about your marketing strategy is a vital first step. But to really effect change, you need to look at the nitty-gritty. Our consultancy work does just that. By forensically examining current practice, we help your team become more effective, efficient and accountable.


Why? Marketing will:
  • Diagnose where marketing is working, and where it isn’t
  • Show businesses how to measure marketing performance
  • Help teams work efficiently, potentially reducing marketing costs
What consultancy involves

Like investment fund managers, a company’s marketing team has to speculate on the future.

Fund managers invest money in a range of assets, ones that they judge will produce a short- or long-term return. The equivalent for marketing teams is the investment of their time and budget in various marketing tactics – such as events, social media, mailshots and so on. As with fund management, a greater spread of assets can help reduce risk.

Many marketing teams struggle to assess the risks and benefits of their ‘investments’. Working with teams, we give them the means of measuring how well each marketing tactic is paying off. Just as importantly, we show them how to communicate their rationale to business leaders.

Our work involves:

Organisational Consulting: Embedding the systems and culture that let the marketing team become more connected, commercially aware and innovative.

Operational Consulting: Increasing the relevance and accountability of your company’s marketing work, bringing greater efficiency to day-to-day practice and use of the budget.

Technology Consulting: Helping the team use the right technology at the right time, transforming their practice for the better.

Marketing teams are usually busy, produce plenty of statistics, and get through their annual budget. Yet often, they escape the detailed scrutiny to which other departments are exposed. Research suggests business leaders are uneasy about marketing, with 80% reporting that they don’t trust their marketing team. This is emphatically not the team’s fault, but caused by faulty communications and a lack of shared purpose.

Why is the marketing budget set at this level? What revenue is it generating? Does the direction match the company needs? These are the questions that we help companies to ask. For answers, we look to the evidence, cutting through the haze of confusing statistics to the numbers that matter.

Our consultancy services give marketing teams the tools to invest their time (and budget) more efficiently. We show them how to measure their success using commercially meaningful metrics and how to report this effectively back to the company.

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