For marketing to drive a company forward, it needs to engage the right audience. It’s the proven needs of this audience that should drive allocation of the marketing budget. But that can only happen if there’s been proper research and a continual assessment of what’s working. We look at where the marketing budget goes, what it’s contributing to the company, and if there are savings to be made.

Why? Marketing can:
  • Establish practice based on research and monitoring
  • Identify budget savings at no cost to growth or sales
  • Improve communication, by aligning marketers with wider business goals
Align your operations

In our view, too much B2B Marketing operates on a wing and a prayer. In their daily practice, marketers often base initial decisions without much research, then repeat these decisions based on imprecise assessments of their impact.

This isn’t an indictment of marketing teams. They do their best with what they have. Rather, these are systemic issues. Typically, they are problems of legacy, gaps in knowledge and lack of alignment with the wider business.

The good news is that all these shortcomings can be addressed. Our consulting team uses experts that understand both the marketing perspective and the commercial realities of a business. Why? Marketing look at the running of your marketing. We show teams how daily practice can be made more effective, and evaluate whether budget savings could be made.

Marketing teams are usually busy, produce plenty of statistics, and get through their annual budget. Yet often, they escape the detailed scrutiny to which other departments are exposed. Research suggests business leaders are uneasy about marketing, with 80% reporting that they don’t trust their marketing team. This is emphatically not the team’s fault, but caused by faulty communications and a lack of shared purpose.

Why? Marketing’s approach is to begin with the basic questions that companies forget to ask. Why does the marketing team work like they do? What revenue does each activity generate? Does their direction match the company needs? For answers, we look to the evidence, cutting through the haze of confusing statistics to the numbers that matter.

Our operational services help your team re-focus on customer need, helping them to base their decisions on solid research. We help your marketing team achieve a more relevant, efficient, commercially-driven working practice.

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