Many marketing teams work hard, but far fewer work smart. Gaps in training and background mean that their efforts are often hit-and-miss. Safe, familiar activities may be repeated, with little measurement of their impact on the company bottom line. We set your team up with the systems they need to reconnect commercially and assess what’s working.

Why? Marketing help marketing teams achieve:
  • Clear business-oriented objectives and focus
  • Improved and consistent communication
  • More innovative marketing practice
Our organisational work

Imagine approaching your marketing team with two questions. Firstly, what is the revenue goal for the company this year? Secondly, how are the company performing in relation to that goal?

We often find that marketers struggle to answer those questions. That alone tells you plenty about the disconnect between marketing departments and the wider business setting.

In our consulting work, we establish a team ethos built around clear goals, research into markets, measurement of success and meaningful communication. We also put in place the systems that will result in lasting improvement.

Our work isn’t about making damning judgements on individuals and teams. It isn’t even about providing all the answers. Instead, we help marketing teams align more closely with the company’s business goals.

Marketing teams are usually busy, produce plenty of statistics, and get through their annual budget. Yet often, they escape the detailed scrutiny to which other departments are exposed. Research suggests business leaders are uneasy about marketing, with 80% reporting that they don’t trust their marketing team. This is emphatically not the team’s fault, but caused by faulty communications and a lack of shared purpose.

What revenue is each marketing tactic generating? Does the direction match the company needs? Are there alternative, innovative approaches the team could take? These are the types of question that Why? Marketing help teams to ask. For answers, we look to the evidence, cutting through the haze of confusing statistics to the numbers that matter.

Our operational services give your marketing team the tools to invest their time (and budget) more efficiently. We show them how to measure their success using commercially meaningful metrics and how to report this effectively back to the company.

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