During times of change, companies may lack the key personnel to sustain your marketing. In these circumstances, Why? Marketing can provide experienced and expert interim cover. With over 30 years of industry experience, we can provide marketing leadership and direction during your transition.

Why? Marketing can:
  • Lead transformations in marketing teams
  • Assist in hiring new personnel
  • Manage teams during turbulent times
Transitional support

All companies face change. Sometimes this is planned – such as during periods of expansion or restructuring – and sometimes it’s due to unexpected factors. During these times, a company’s marketing efforts can become derailed or lose direction. That’s damaging for the brand and for sales.

Why? Marketing can tide companies over these transitional periods. With experience and expertise in running marketing teams, we don’t just provide a ‘house-sitting’ service – instead we will actively lead, direct and manage until things are more settled. We can also assist in recruitment of key marketing personnel.

Marketing teams are usually busy, produce plenty of statistics, and get through their annual budget. Yet often, they escape the detailed scrutiny to which other departments are exposed. Research suggests business leaders are uneasy about marketing, with 80% reporting that they don’t trust their marketing team. This is emphatically not the team’s fault, but caused by faulty communications and a lack of shared purpose.

At Why? Marketing, we start with the basic questions that companies forget to ask. Why is the marketing budget set at this level? What revenue is it generating? Does the direction match the company needs? For answers, we look to the evidence, cutting through the haze of confusing statistics to the numbers that matter.

Our interim cover services lead, manage and support marketing team through times of change, kick-starting their progress toward more relevant, efficient, commercially-driven working practice.

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